Internet Marketing Services | Serving Klamath Falls, OR

There are many ways to do business online and as such I don’t pretend to be an expert in all methods.

If you are interested in local SEO or national SEO via content marketing then we are a great company to work woth.

Our company is two primary business models, SEO for digital assets and small business SEO consultation.

Digital Asset Holdings | Website Builds & Monetization

We build and hold online only businesses that are monetized via ecommerce, affiliate sales, and on-site advertising. In essence we build and manage a collection of digital publishing platforms that bring in consistent passive income.

If you would like to consult with us on building and managing your own profitable piece of virtual real estate then I would be happy to setup a meeting or series of consultations.

Local SEO & Lead Generation

The majority of our local customers however have brick-and-mortar businesses that serve local customers from and around Klamath County, Or. If you own a business selling products or services we know that you can benefot from implementing a targeted SEO campaign.

Contrary to what many people believe local SEO in small geogreaphical areas like Klamath Falls and the surrounding communities need not be lengthy, expensive, or time consuming. Wityh a little knowhow they can be easy, affordable, and worth every penny.