Our Holdings

Our core business is the ownership & management of wholey-owned internet publishing companies. Each digital asset operates independent of each other on the foundation of white-hat content marketing. They all passively produce positive cash flow for our company and are sellable on the secondary market.

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Our Services

We work with small businesses who need assistance with website maintenance or creation. Other core services offered fall into the general buckets I like to label content marketing, SEO audits & repair, internet directory & maps management, and internet marketing. We can take on this work or simply consult; it's up to you.

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Our Strategy

We aim to stay ahead of the times when it comes to on-page SEO and shoot for an evergreen on-site content marking program on each of our properties. In short we optimize each internet property for search engines & directories using 2019 best practices which improves page views and customer experience. We only use white-hat SEO practices that have demonstrated lasting positive impact for the target business.

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Internet Marketing by Klamath Falls Based BCMO Ventures

Our main goal is to rank small, local, and internet-only businesses in both search engines and local directories using safe and lasting SEO and content marketing techniques that can predictably bring a positive ROI year after year.

Klamath Falls SEO Internet Marketing Services

Effective and Safe Internet Marketing Strategies for Businesses in and Around Klamath Falls

Most businesses in the Klamath Falls & Southern Oregon area acquire new customers, leads, and foot traffic using old media advertising and reputation alone.

Some progressive businesses mix in a healthy dose of social media marketing and even PPC campaigns but few of them do it all well. Marketing after all isn’t their primary area of expertise.

There is nothing wrong with traditional marketing tactics; they have been around for a long time and work but not as well as they did a generation ago.

What many small businesses fail to understand is the power of search engine optimization (SEO) and how much new business it can attract.

They also fail to understand the simplicity of a safe SEO marketing plan and the timeline to positive ROI.

Legacy marketing concepts are typically built upon the premise of casting a wide net and advertising to a lot of people who may (or may not) be in your local market or customer demographic.

With an SEO campaign however we can target only those people who are actually searching for your product or service in the very moment they are searching for it.

It is the most powerful stage of customer interaction. Someone out there is looking for a service provider and you raise your hand in the search engines saying, “yes, I can do that or provide that for you!”

BCMO Ventures practices what we preach.

We not only work with small business clients in the region to bolster their search engine presence but we also maintain our own network of internet based business that are all built on the foundation of sound SEO principals.

You may have even found this website by performing a basic search online!

  • We setup websites on the WordPress platform using the most important and safest on-page SEO practices.
  • We then typically develop a content marketing plan that increases the domain authority and trust flow of a website resulting typically in page one rankings and qualified leads on our products and services.
  • We finish local campaigns off by optimizing their internet business directory listings to improve traffic from those critical sources of new business.

If you are not currently getting new leads or foot traffic from your business website then please get in contact with me today.

I would be happy to look into your specific situation to see what digital marketing solutions can apply to your business.

-Brian Mounts, BCMO Ventures Founder